Zero Carbon is an innovative business that Specialises in Investing in and Commercialising specific Technologies that contribute to reducing the Human Footprint on the Planet.

The Business is divided into two operational areas:

• Zero Carbon Fund – Invests in the Technologies.

• Zero Carbon Commercialisation Services – Works with the specific technology teams to maximise the commercial potential of the specific technologies.

* Zero Carbon refers to a process that does not add any green house gases (GHGs) during the production or operation. Reducing the human footprint to a factor of Zero.

Zero Carbon Technology’s portfolio features world leading technologies at varying stages in their development and commercialisation path. The business is being lead and managed by a world leading team of commercial managers who support the key scientists and engineers.

Thier are over ten state of the art technologies, with strong intellectual property rights (IPR), mainly with capital barriers to market entry, large global markets, local and global distribution networks, offering short to medium term exponential growth potential.

The technologies within the Zero Carbon Technology portfolio have each taken approximately a decade at least to develop by highly educated and innovative scientists and engineers representing over 100 years of development team work and millions of pounds worth of high risk investment.

Overcoming A Global Technology Problem

The limiting factor for transformational, environmental innovation / development is access to the appropriate human resources, business process and support, infrastructure and solid sources of higher risk, high reward investment finance.

Zero Carbon Technology is accelerating low and zero technology out of the lab research stage, into proof of concept stage, through pilot plant to large scale production, installation and in service operation.

This process is being managed by a skilled Technical & Commercial Team with between them over 600 years of combined experience in technology development and commercialisation.

Zero Carbon Technology aims to provide a seamless technology bridge to enable technologies to fulfil their potential and not to fall into the “black hole” where most “new” technologies end up!

The limiting factor for development now is access to the appropriate infrastructure and solid sources of finance.

Zero Carbon Technology’s solutions provide a financially quantifiable and realizable, economic benefit.

In Zero Carbon each unit of sustainably produced zero carbon: building space, power, water, salt, food, material or mile covered for example aims to cost less than other comparative products or services, is carbon neutral or negative.

Any incidental CO2e emissions will be offset.