Active Thermo Regulation Technology

Energy Storage & Active Thermoregulation Technology

Thermal energy storage enables thermal transfer fluids to be stored at high (250oc+) and low (-40oC) temperatures. Renewable energy is usually from variable sources such as wind and sunshine. ESTx cost effectively enables electrical or thermal energy to be stored over long durations.

This system uses a patented heat pump to produce and store high temperature thermal transfer liquids that are either hot (250c) or super cooled (-40oC) that can be stored in ESTx tanks for weeks or months in very efficient thermally insulated storage tanks.

These tanks enable enough thermal transfer liquids to be stored for a building to actively thermo regulate itself with nil or minimal offsite energy input throughout the year.

The system can be combined with the SolarTx or KineTx power technology to minimise a building’s daily, weekly or seasonal thermal energy requirements.