Energy Storage Technology


ESTx – Energy Storage Technology covers both thermal energy and electrical energy.

The thermal energy storage technology is summarised in the active thermoregulation technology section.

Electrical energy storage is divided into three separate technologies; chemical energy storage (batteries), electrical energy storage (capacitors) and kinetic (spinning objects).

Electricity Storage and Buffering Technology.

Nano-surfaces are created in a plasma chamber with near perfect surface coatings enabling near perfect dielectric properties to be achieved and enable very large surface area/ area ratios to be produced to create ultra capacitors.

Ultra capacitors are energy efficient; have almost infinite life compared with chemical energy storage (batteries), etc. They can be used for long term storage and supply of electrical energy comparable to batteries, and buffering for short periods.

Plasma capacitors are electrical storage units containing aluminium with a considerable active surface area and dielectric properties enabling very high electrical storage densities to be achieved. Ultra efficient plasma capacitors enable electrical energy to be stored and used with minimal loss, almost limitless cycles, and working life making them a far more cost effective, and environmentally sustainable electrical energy storage medium than batteries.

The efficient electrical energy generation and distribution network is well established down to a household / business level and can be generated from renewable energy sources. Hydrocarbon derived energy by comparison is inefficient to distribute and not environmentally sustainable. Hydrogen distribution is specialised, expensive and will take years to develop the infrastructure with billions of pounds required of investment. The plasma capacitors will enable electrical energy to be stored cost effectively from renewable and conventional sources and enable electrically powered forms of transport to efficiently store electricity. Renewable energy is typically non-dependable on a daily or weekly or seasonal basis, with the use of ESTx technologies renewable energy sources can become dependable, economic and efficient. By comparison if electricity is used to generate hydrogen as an energy storage medium and the hydrogen converted back to electricity there is enormous wastage of energy, resources and money. Most renewable energy resources: sun, wind, hydro, etc. produce electricity. It makes no sense to store the energy as hydrogen if ESTx can store it far more efficiently.

ESTx proof of concept system works in the laboratory with known scaling solutions.