KinetiK Energy Conversion Technology

KineTx (Pronounced “kinetic”)Energy Conversion

Two opportunities to produce the novel wind and water powered turbines shown below and Traction-Kites:

The (patent to be applied for) kinetic energy converter (KineTx) on the lower left enables highly efficient conversion of mechanical energy for examples from wind or water into thermal (patent applications pending) or electrical energy and is especially useful in micro/macro power generation.

The KineTx converter can be powered by either wind or hydro energy.

The patent applied for unique ultra efficient horizontal motion turbine enables power to be produced very cost effectively from wind and water with minimum environmental impact.

The technology is scalable and modular so can be used to power a single house, community or city.

ZCTx is in discussions in connection with the acquisition of a large scale rotating rigid foil kite. This system is more efficient then the large scale wind turbines in use today.