Retractable Hydrofoils and Displacement Reduction Hydrofoils

The advantages of hydrofoils in reducing vessel/water Resistance, therefore reducing Power required for propulsion, improved Seakeeping and Manouvering are all well known facts.

Drawbacks have been that the hydrofoils to operate effectivly need to be:

  • Very clean, and this is inpracticle as they are submerged.
  • Operate when the hull is out of the water.

These two problems have been overcome by firstly having retractable hydrofoils and secondly by using displacement mode hydrofoils.

Patented, operationally proven auxiliary hydrofoil technology is used to reduce the wetted area, and reduce unwanted ship movement, reducing by at least 10% the fuel consumption and emissions from marine craft.

A number of new international agreements require shipping companies to significantly reduce their ships’ emissions.

Virtually all existing cargo vessels and new builds can be retro- or outfitted with the displacement reduction FinTx system.

Its universal design opens up an attractive market for the FinTx system, 60,000 of the worldwide approximately 100,000 ships listed in Lloyd’s Register and about 1,100 of the 1,900 newly built vessels joining the world’s merchant fleet each year could be predestined to be outfitted with FinTx.