SolarTx – Electrical


The technology enables conventional photo-voltaic chips to be doped turning them into multi-sun chips.

This enables lower cost concentrators to be used to focus sunlight onto relatively expensive (standard PV chips are almost the same price as additionally doped ones) and energy intensive silicon photovoltaic chips.

The key technology is in the chip doping, circuit assembly and system to enable the chip to maintain its energy conversion efficiency in magnified sunlight whilst keeping the chip within its optimum operating temperature range.

The chips can either be incorporated into a fresnel or parabolic concentrator system.

The use of the concentrator enables the system to be adjusted for use at different latitudes whilst maintaining a similar capital (KW peak) and generating cost (KW hour).

The use of the heliostat enables approximately 20% more solar energy to be converted into electrical energy during the day.

The economic effect is a significant decrease in the eKW/peak and the generated eKW/hour cost.