Zero Carbon Technology Park – Cornwall Proposal

Zero Carbon Technology team will deliver the above Global Solutions to Global Requirements from Cornwall in the following Sectors:

  • Built Environment (Shelter) – Zero Carbon Buildings.
  • Energy Conversion and Storage – Zero Carbon Energy.
  • Transport – Zero Carbon Transport.
  • Water and Food (Nutrition) – Zero Carbon Life.
  • Materials Extraction, Production and Processing – Zero Carbon Materials.

The “blueprinted” business plan(s) will be delivered by a very experienced international technical and commercial team.
Millions of pounds worth of inward investment in very technologically advanced environmental and advanced manufacturing IPR & know how could be used to develop and commercialise tens of millions of pounds worth of “state of the art” solutions” under a public / private funding program that in turn will attract hundreds of millions of pounds worth of second round private inward investment into Cornwall.

Having a common business model, team and infrastructure and sharing of the core management and administrative costs by a number of technologies will greatly reduce the individual technologies commercialisation cost, time and risk and maximise the potential rewards.

The Zero Carbon Technology Centre would involve a community effort with specific active participation of the CUC and other Cornish Institutions. It will act as a major commercial driver in taking the Cornish economy in the “Environmental” technology era.

The Zero Carbon Technology Centre will provide a wide range of skilled quality training and employment, in particular CUC’s and other graduate or post graduates, including: Research and Development – Design and Engineering – Sales and Marketing – Production Development, Operation & IT – Business Management and Administration.

The CUC and other Cornish institutions could develop, organise and provide a human development path for the full range of skills required for the above roles to ensure the right skills are available at the right time so development is not limited by human resource and skills shortages whilst maximising local and minority group employment opportunities.
The Zero Carbon Technology Centre once working will establish “daughter” Zero Carbon Centres” on a regional or national basis worldwide, making Cornwall the global centre for a Zero Carbon Technology network.

This portfolio of environmental technologies has the potential to directly employ over 1,500 people (that represents just the initial production capacity, not any subsequent production capacity expansion) in skilled environmental jobs within 3-5 years, working within over 30,000m2 of office / light industrial built environment, contributing an employee GVA of over 100 million pounds per annum to the Cornish economy.