The Fund

Zero Carbon Technology Was Established In 2006 By Three Private Equity Investors. The Zero Carbon Technology Business is Domiciled In The British Virgin Islands, Managed From London, Moscow And Cyprus. The Zero Carbon Technology Fund Invests In Technologies That Will Contribute To Reducing The Human Footprint On The Planet.

Investments are Typically done into Technologies that are Pre-Revenue And then Assists in Commercialising Them.

Zero Carbon Technology’s Aim Is Commercialise Technologies In The Following Sectors:

  • Built Environment (Shelter) – Zero Carbon Buildings.
  • Energy Conversion and Storage – Zero Carbon Energy.
  • Materials Extraction, Production and Processing – Zero Carbon Materials.
  • Transport – Zero Carbon Transport.
  • Water and Food – Zero Carbon Nutrition.

The Zero Carbon Business is divided into two operational areas:

  • Zero Carbon Fund – Invests in the Technologies.
  • Zero Carbon Services – Works with the specific technology teams to maximise the commercial potential of the specific technologies.

Zero Carbon refers to a process that does not add any green house gases (GHGs) during the production or operation. Reducing the human footprint to a factor of Zero. Any GHG emissions are offset.

The Zero Carbon Fund Is Invested In The Following Areas:

  • AtmosEnergyTx Atmospheric Electrical Energy Harvesting Technology
  • BioCrete Building Components & Biological Buildings System Production Technology
  • E-StoreTx Electron storage technology using plasma physics to produce ultra-capacitors.
  • Nano-electrowinningTx Electro winning of Precious and Rare Earth Metals
  • GeTx Nano-cement Processing, Nano-emulsification, ultra-efficient fluid mixing Technology
  • H2OTx Desalination & Salt Production
  • CEHTx Controlled Environmental Horticulture Technology – add on to H2OTx.
  • KinetiK Kinetic Energy (Water & Wind) Conversion to Thermal or Electrical Power.
  • LED Electron FlowTx Optimised electron supply for LEDs.
  • Plasma GasificationTx Plasma Gasification Technology / Plant.
  • Multi-sun PV Chip DopingTx Doping technology to enable to PV cells to function at a 10-20 concentration of sun light.
  • SkyTractionTx AuTx based, Lighter than Air Traction Kites with Skysails for shipping.
  • SolarTx Concentrated Solar Power using a Parabolic Concentrator for Thermal, Electrical and   Mechanical Power.
  • ZCGPTx Continuous Cycle Enriched Hydrocarbon Gas Burning, Reservoir Gas Injection, with CO2 Sequestration.
  • Zero Carbon FibreTx Nano cellulose synthesis and spinning and conversion into nano-carbon fibre
  • Zero Carbon Developments Integration of the above, developing Zero Carbon Built Environments.


The Fund with its invested companies is licensing the technologies and has sold two master licences:

1.     The Americas to a quoted Canadian “Green Tech” group who value the licences at U$450m. The Fund Investment Companies own 49% of each specific Americas SPV.

2.     The Pacific Rim to a private investment fund that who value the licences at U$450m. The Fund Investment Companies own 49% of each specific Americas SPV.

In addition to the above the Fund is assisting its invested companies to licence the technologies on a national or regional basis in Europe, Central Asia, ME, Africa, Australia & New Zealand.


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