ETx is a unique electro textile made up using a carbon cored yarn with a dielectric polymer sheath that when woven produces a range of electro responsive textiles, including heat generation.

The material not only has excellent high temperature heating properties, but high strength when embedded in the composite, and can give live feedback on the stress and strain loading throughout the composite material.

Applications include the production of and use in multi-functional composites for the aerospace, defence, marine and built environment.

This can be achieved by either:

Using the ETx material to create a H-E-A-Tx  (High-Energy-Active-Thermoregulation) vacuum press by embedding the ETx material in the vacuum bag (male surface) and press (female) surface, or,

Embedding the ETx material directly into the composite as an electro-active structural material and use it in a conventional mould to thermo-cure the materials.

The use of ETx in these applications either greatly decreases the capital and operating cost of a thermoset curing operation or greatly decreases the processing time, or both.

This technology can be used to produce cost effective large composites such as wind & marine turbine components, marine hulls or walls, floors and roofs for buildings.