Concentrated solar power (CSP) technology that uses a very efficient patented hermetically sealed parabolic trough to concentrate sunlight onto either a patented vacuum tube receiver thermal converter or onto a patented photovoltaic strip.

Concentrated Solar Energy receivers in which “dark” nano-surfaces produced on stainless steel tubing, using a plasma surface modification technique, are optimised to receive solar radiation.

The solar receivers are inserted into evacuated silicon tubes, fixed in parabolic trough solar concentrators, mounted on heliostats. The unit is then mounted on a patented heliostat that enables an additional 25% of usable direct sunlight to be converted.

This system is robust, can be operated autonomously and produces thermal or electrical power very cost effectively.

The technology is scalable and modular so can be used to power a single house, factory, large community or city.

The system was used to power the H2OTx desalination plant in very successful autonomous field trials in Oman in 2003.

An advantage of the SolarTx system in the field of CSP is that the parabolic trough can be optimised for magnification depending on the latitude of use, enabling similar system efficiencies to be achieved as in the tropics.

The pilot plant system has been independently; successfully field tested by the Middle Eastern Desalination Research Centre in Oman and is ready for production engineering and production.