Zero Carbon Hydrocarbon Fuel Cycle Technology

Patented Continuous Cycle Enriched Hydrocarbon Gas Power Generation, Carbon Sequestering and Enhanced Oil Recovery Technology (ZCGPTx).

Uses industry & UK government accepted principles and methods, industry accepted component parts, proven technologies, with many potential sites for use with infrastructure already in place.

This technology enables electrical and thermal power to be generated onsite and the inert exhaust gases / scrubbed out and CO2

sequestered underground to enhance oil recovery from the reservoir.

This not only produces zero carbon power, but also produces very cost effective power and can extend the life of an oil reservoir by decades at a reduced cost.

In depleted fields / reservoirs it is possible depending on the geology to pump prime the depleted oil reservoir with flue gas and recover enriched hydrocarbon gas to burn and re-inject (for every m3 of enriched hydrocarbon gas burned approximately 30-50m3 of flue gas is created).

The patents cover the modifications needed to be made to the engines (turbine and ICE) as well as the continuous cycle process for enriched hydrocarbon gases.