Zero Carbon Technology Parks

Advanced R&D, Design & Engineering, Manufacturings and Corporate Support

Are being developed as a magnet for inward investment of environmental technologies, highly skilled HR, and finance into specific areas to support distributed advanced manufacturing and engineering operations for the core technologies.

In addition Zero Carbon Technology’s resources could be used to encourage Low Carbon / Environmental teams from around the world to set up their businesses in Zero Carbon Technology Parks possibly using the ZCTx commercialisation model and resources.

The Zero Carbon Technology Parks would facilitate a long term “green” environmental technology flow from Scientific & Engineering Institutes as well as private scientists & engineers.

The Zero Carbon Technology Parks would be an incubator for a range of “home grown” environmental technologies from the local communities, encouraging local innovation and investment.

The net effect of a Zero Carbon Technology Park would be to greatly increase the value of the communities human resource, IPR, environmental technology base and exports.

A Zero Carbon Technology Park should result in a reduction of the communities and the nations per capita carbon emissions through the adoption of the Zero Carbon products produced by within Zero Carbon Technology Parks.

The first Zero Carbon Technology Park is being planned for Cornwall, in the United Kingdom.

The first Zero Carbon Technology Centre once working will establish “daughter” Zero Carbon Centres” on a regional or national basis worldwide, making Cornwall a global centre for a Zero Carbon Technology network.

Discussions on this are underway with China, Qatar, UAE and the USA.